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Nothing beats Maine humor. Dry, to the point and clever, much of the humor in Maine is rooted in real experiences going back a few hundred years where humor saved the day. Maine theme humorist Marshall Dodge and Tim Sample popularized many of the sentiments of Mainers with their records, CD's and books back in the 1970's and 1980's with expressions like "You can't get from here to there", and Dodge's famous Bert and I series. Not only is humor reflected in the spoken word, it is also represented through art.

Maine artist Gail Page has interpreted her own take on Maine humor in this collection of our Humor Series. Collect them as a set.


Our posters are printed on high quality paper right here in Maine. Under normal light conditions they do not fade.
The posters measure out at 13 x 19.

Unframed posters are shipped in a plastic sleeve, sent in a sturdy box.

Framed posters are shipped in the frame and measure out at 15 x 19.
The frames are an attractive style clean style with a slight beveled edge that works both in classic and contemporary decors. The frames are black, made of high density plastic with a clear plastic window.

Framed Poster.
Framed Poster.

Note Cards

The notecards are printed right here in Maine on high quality paper.

There are 6 cards per pack that measure out at 5 x 7.

The cards are shipped in a cello pack with 6 envelopes.

Envelop pack from Maine Arts Publishing
Each Notecard pack contains 6 cards and envelops.
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